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. and then his running mate paul ryan. ryan returns to congress after voters in wisconsin reelected him to represent wisconsin's first district. >>> more than a dozen congressional districts up for grabs in this election. as the numbers came in we saw decisive victories. >> we have ktvu claudine wong in the studio with us right now. you have all those numbers. >> that is right. i want to take you right to this congressional map. of course the one district we talk about this morning when you talk about upset is right here. that is district 15. the lines were redrawn. we had a top two tier primary system. but no longer that is changing. take a look at these numbers after holding on to the seat for 40 years this 80-year-old is out and 31-year-old democrat erik swalwell is in. 53% to 47% with 100 precincts reporting. a couple of other close races to note. if we go over to district three we want to show you the results from that race. he is holding ton his seat by a number of 54% to 46%. close. but he beat out kim vann saying that they needed a grocery store politics scene not a career polit
a very long campaign. thank you. >>> and happening right now, republican vice-presidential nominee paul ryan is voting near his home in wisconsin and we want to show you that as it's happening live outside wisconsin. after he votes we will join mitt romney for a campaign appearance and move on to richmond before joining mitt romney in boston this evening. mitt romney cast his ballot earlier this morning near his boston area home and mitt romney is headed to campaign stops in offers and headed to pennsylvania before heading home to ohio this evening. we will flare him coming up in the next hour. >>> and they are rallying at san gwen on it -- san gwen on it. here is more on the controversial prop six which is opposed by many law enforcement. >> this is one of those hot button issues many lou enforce -- law enforcement will have to decide. a small group of people are supporting this. now if passed it will repeal the death penalty and give them life without the possibility of parole. they will work while in prison and their wages will be given to crime victims. now with the sheriff's associ
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2